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Breakdown Direct APP

About the Breakdown Assistance APP

We've developed a Web APP to help you quickly get assistance when your vehicle has broken down. Because it's a Web APP it means you don't need to download it to use it and it will work on almost every smartphone connected to the Internet.

When first going to the APP enter your vehicle registration number to retrieve your policy details, you can also add the APP to your home screen (recommended) so it's quicker to access it when you really need it.

The map on the APP will track your location and when you click the 'Broken Down' button try to match your location with the closes street address it can find. You'll also be given the number to call for breakdown recovery so use this, the address you're given and the location on the map.

Using the Breakdown Direct Assistance APP

  • Before using the APP you will need to input your Vehicle registration number to retrieve your policy details
  • Once your policy information had been retrieved you can view your current location on the map page
  • Click the 'Broken Down' button in the top right of the screen to pinpoint your current address and get phone number for breakdown recovery

If you are experiencing difficulty in pinpointing your position accurately please read the following:

  • You will need to be connected to the Internet on your smartphone with data services switched on
  • For best accuracy it's important that you have location services (GPS) also enabled

Switching on location services on iPhone

  • 1. Tap the Settings icon on your home screen
  • 2. Tap Privacy
  • 3. Tap Location Services
  • 4. Tap the Location Services slider to On
  • 5. You may also need to scroll down to Safari and tap the slider toggle to On

Switching on location services on Android

  • 1. Tap the Settings icon on your menu
  • 2. Tap Location
  • 3. Enable Wireless networks
  • 4. Enable GPS services

Switching on location services on Windows

  • 1. On Start, flick left to the App list
  • 2. Tap Settings
  • 3. Tap Location
  • 4. Turn on Location services

"The level of service was exceptional ........ the customer service experience was one of the best we have ever had"
P. Edge, Range Rover

  • Eligibility: UK registered cars & m/cycles (private, company, hired, leased) under 11 years old (sorry no vans).
  • Return journeys only. Buy any time before leaving your UK home address.
  • Documents delivered to your inbox, or postal option.
  • Vehicles up to: 5.1m L, 1.95m H & 2.1m W. (temporary additions eg, roof boxes don't count) 3,500 kg GVW
  • All prices include tax