Europe’s Best Autumn Holidays

If you’re free to holiday whenever you want, then autumn is the best time to visit Europe. With any luck, you’ll still get the best of the weather and the best of the prices too and there’ll be fewer crowds. Take a look at our top destinations for your driving holiday in Europe.

The Peloponnese, Greece

One of the lesser known touring destinations of Europe, the Peloponnese is a great spot for anyone who enjoys history, archaeological sites and mountain scenery. Take a trip to Olympia, one of the best classical sites in Europe, with the original Olympic race track, temples and an excellent museum.

The long peninsula of the Mani and the crossing of the mountains both make for an excellent drive.

Andalusia, Spain

The southern regions of Spain, including Seville, Granada and Cordoba, along with the mountainous regions in between, are great for a touring holiday. With olive groves, chestnut forests and whitewashed villages, there’s nowhere else you should be.

Tuscany and Umbria, Italy

Tuscany offers sweeping hills, valleys and great medieval cities. Highlights include Montepulciano and smaller villages including Campiglia d’Orcia, San Quirico aand the renaissance town of Pienza.

Umbria has lots to offer too, with the must-see being Orvieto. This city looks like something out of Lord of the Rings, sitting high on the flat summit of volcanic rock. The crown amongst jewels is the Duomo, which is a stunning piece of art, let alone architecture.

The Loire, France

No list of top autumn European destinations would be complete without including France. The Loire is one of the most beautiful areas of Europe, with parklands and gardens around many of the chateaux. Visit Chambord, the 16th century showpiece built by Francois I; Chenonceau, with incredible formal gardens and a wing which is a bridge over the Cher river; and finally Villandry, a moated renaissance chateau with a potage that specialises in giant-sized vegetables.

So if you’re thinking of a European touring holiday, then make sure that your holiday hinges around one of these destinations. It’ll be worth your while.