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Step 1 Personal Details

  • Step 1 Personal Details
  • Step 2 Add your vehicle details
  • Step 3 Make payment
  • Step 4 Done

Before buying cover please check that your vehicle:

  • will be under 11 years of age when your journey begins
  • is a private, leased, hired or company owned car or motorcycle (SORRY NO VANS), not exceeding 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and is not carrying more than 7 persons
  • does not exceed 5.1m in length; 2.1m in width; 1.95m in height, (Ignore temporary additions, e.g roof boxes)
  • is serviced in line with the manufacturer's servicing schedule (not necessarily  at a main dealership)
  • is not suffering from any ongoing mechanical or electrical problem
  • is carrying a serviceable spare wheel and tyre or manufacturer provided alternative, e.g, aerosol repair kit
  • is permanently registered in the UK and your journey is a return trip which starts and ends in the UK.
  • is covered for the entire duration of your journey - this policy provides no cover for one way journeys.
  • if towing a caravan/trailer, is of proprietary make and does not exceed 8m in length; 2.55m in width; 3m in height

14 day Money Back

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  • European Short Trip Cover - prices include tax.
  • 2 day Cover for only £12.45
    Ideal for Short Trips
  • 3 day Cover
  • 7 day Cover
  • 12 day Cover
  • 18 day Cover
  • 24 day Cover