A Quick Guide to European Breakdown Cover

As a motorist, you’ll be fully aware of all the on-going costs you need to fork out to keep your car on the road, from fuel to tax, servicing to MOTs to insurance. We know that these costs have a nasty little habit of mounting up. It can be tempting to think of breakdown cover as just another inflated expense – one which can, conveniently, be skipped. But the truth is, it’s one of the essentials, however onerous you find forking out for it. No matter what car you have, or how well you look after it, you can never guarantee that your vehicle won’t breakdown.

So what happens if you don’t cover yourself? Well, if you find yourself in need of roadside assistance, especially on the hard shoulder of a motorway, you’re looking at paying a substantial fee to get your car towed to a garage. In fact, the price that you pay before repairs is likely to be so hefty that it will cost more than you would have paid for a whole year’s breakdown cover. This means that cover is essential.

However, sometimes standard cover isn’t enough, and for those planning a holiday on the Continent basic roadside recovery just doesn’t cut it. Most UK policies will not cover motorists driving in Europe, which means that you could find yourself stranded a very long way from home. This is where European breakdown cover comes into the equation.

What is European Breakdown Cover?

European breakdown policies ensure that you’re covered when you go road-tripping on the Continent, so that you’re fully protected if you should find yourself stranded on a roadside and far from home.

Dedicated European breakdown cover provides the same boons as standard UK breakdown cover policies. This means that if you do run into trouble, there will be someone on hand to repair your car at the roadside or, failing that, to tow it to a local garage.

In the most serious cases, when it’s necessary to get your vehicle back to the UK to fix it, European breakdown cover will have you covered. This means that you get to avoid a four figure bill to get your car home, dealing with language barriers, and the time you would need to spend on making arrangements. Who wouldn’t be sold on that?

Read the Small Print

No two European breakdown policies will be the same, so it’s absolutely imperative that you read the small print and find a policy to suit you. Remember to check that you’re getting the right level of cover for your needs and that the countries you’ll be passing through are all covered. There would be nothing worse than paying for your policy only to find it redundant.

Before you take the policy out, scour the small print with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that there are no caveats or exclusions that could affect you. Many policies are limited to ninety days of travel per year, and sometimes there is also a limit per journey. Fail to read this before heading off and you could find yourself outside of the time limit and without cover when you most need it. Don’t forget to also check any cap on the amount you can claim per trip. If ever you’re in doubt about what is and isn’t covered, give your policy provider a quick call and discuss it with them. If you outline your plans they’ll be able to tell you of any exclusion which might affect you.

Invest the time and money in finding your perfect policy today, or else you risk finding yourself stranded at the side of the road with a very long walk home!