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Running a fleet of vehicles requires robust management practices. It’s a given that your drivers
need to be fully trained, your vehicles insured and costs administered efficiently but perhaps most critically of all, the fleet needs to be operational at all times. Any vehicle that covers high mileage is likely to have the occasional breakdown so being properly covered is a key business concern that can help reduce any downtime to the minimum. This is a brief and introductory guide as to why choosing fleet breakdown cover over individual vehicle cover is a sound business strategy.

A fleet can be as few as just two vehicles going all the way up the largest national corporations
with several thousand. Either way the most important aspect to any business is getting the customer deliveries & meetings dealt with on time and without delay. Any day that drifts by with a vehicle sitting in a garage waiting for repair is a day without payment, so it’s clearly desirable to reduce this downtime to just an hour or two where possible.
With fleet cover a business can arrange the right level of cover to suit its needs for all the vehicles that it owns in one package. With fleet breakdown cover from Breakdown Direct you can also mix and match, so whilst company vans may only need breakdown assistance and recovery in the UK, Directors’ cars may also require the addition of European Breakdown Cover.

At Breakdown Direct we cover all the normal causes of breakdown and we don’t exclude what is often known as ‘driver fault problems’ – e.g. filling with the wrong fuel.

Did you know that many breakdown polices won’t cover you for accident recovery? All levels of our breakdown cover will provide you with practical help and assistance following an accident. The benefit to your drivers is that they have one number to call, regardless of the event.

Roadside Recovery
1 hour breakdown roadside recovery, Tow to a garage.The hard yards of the most typical assistance required comes as standard with all our levels of cover. This means your vehicles will receive prompt service should it encounter difficulties whilst on the road 1 mile from your business address. And if we can’t get it going at the roadside a tow to the nearest
garage will be provided.

Nationwide Recovery
In the event that neither roadside repairs can be undertaken nor a suitable garage is available, you will have the option of being taken home or to any destination that you prefer. It’s a good feature to have at your disposal for the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

Home Starter
This coverage allows us to provide the 1 hour roadside recovery service within a mile from the vehicle’s staring point. As with the roadside recovery above, should the vehicle require more attention to help it get back on the road we can tow it to the nearest available garage where the repairs can be done.

European Cover
This allows you to be covered for periods spent driving in Europe. Our coverage means that any vehicle can be given breakdown assistance for a 90 day period and for individual journeys right up to a 31 day period. This is great news for those trading across the continent and wanting to be able to deliver the same standard of service abroad as is expected at home without the additional worry.

Caravan and Trailers
All caravans are trailers are covered gratis under any of the levels of coverage mentioned above.

Please Contact Us
Please feel free to discuss with us the details of any coverage that you may require to help keep your fleet working to its maximum potential. It’s simpler, more cost effective, and less bureaucratic and gives greater peace of mind to you, your drivers and your clients. Get in touch today and we can put you on your way to all the benefits that fleet breakdown cover provides.

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