Advice for Safe Driving on Country Roads

If you’re planning on making the most of the Great British countryside, you first face the task of driving to your chosen destination. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK such as the Lake District and the Yorkshire Moors are also some of the most remote. This means that in order to reach them, you might need to tackle some tricky country roads.

To ensure you get to enjoy the idyllic outdoors, what follows is some useful advice specifically for driving on country roads and lanes.

Research the Roads

First of all, plan your route but do some research into what the roads are like on it. Remember that some of these can be very old and in some cases not as well-maintained as urban and city roads. Equally, on the most part they will be single lane and can feature very sharp bends and steep inclines that wind through the fields and hillsides. What’s more there may be potholes or loose sections of track which can damage your vehicle if you don’t drive over them appropriately.

Drive with more Caution

With the above then comes the recommendation that you simply drive with more caution. While the National Speed Limits will apply, this doesn’t mean you can do a flat 60mph. Slow down and give yourself more time to break to handle the bends, surfaces and hills. For added security you should also have breakdown cover in place, should you encounter any issues.

Be Careful of Wildlife

Another factor to consider is the wildlife that might find its way onto the roads. There will be road signs to indicate if there might be animals or livestock in the area, but there’s the risk smaller creatures may run out in front of you. Again, driving more cautiously helps but try your best not to swerve too drastically as this poses a danger to other cars.

Expect Slow Moving Vehicles

There can also be a number of slow moving vehicles on country roads. Farm traffic (tractors and combine harvesters) and caravans are common examples you might encounter. Whatever the situation though, be patient and don’t perform any dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

Look at the Weather Forecast

This is something you should check before any car journey but the weather on higher country roadways in particular can be extreme. When you combine these conditions with the above factors, the sensible option is to travel when the weather is clear and dry.

So with all of this advice in mind, you can get ready to hit the roads and safely travel to your beautiful, scenic UK destination.