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Europe has many attractive options for a motor biking tour and few are better or more popular than an alpine destination. Switzerland is stunning. It nestles amongst the famous peaks and ethereal lakes like a little diamond enticing you in to take a closer look at its shimmering riches.
There is the added bonus of having the option of biking down the eastern side of France or even the Moselle Valley with their many attractions. We won’t cover those here but they can easily be popped into your schedule as a hors d’oeuvre before the main feast.

Once in Switzerland the real fun begins. You’ll have a mass of winding mountainous roads to enjoy with their clean air and spectacular views to soak in. Switzerland has a myriad of pretty villages to stop at for a break, as well as some of the cleanest and most sophisticated cities in all of Europe.

Depending on the length of time you have at your disposal there is so much to see but do try and experience the lakes, mountains and villages at least while you’re there. The longer you have the more wide ranging this can be of course but do not miss out on the natural attractions.

On a practical level be aware that the Swiss Autobahns can be very busy, especially on approaches to the major cities, so make sure you allow for that if your route demands that you use them. Otherwise the mountain passes and more rural roads are excellent and usually well maintained. However do be cautious on the secondary roads, especially in the mountains as they can be a little more treacherous. Check your routes beforehand and seek local advice or have an online search if you are have any doubts.

Accommodation is not going to be cheap but it doesn’t have to be earth shattering either. Seek out guest houses and chalets rather than larger hotels if you are on a budget. Fuel is mercifully less of an issue and some of the cheapest in middle Europe. Switzerland is not cheap overall but that’s no reason to ignore all it has to offer.

On a practical note there are a few requirements that you need to be aware of when travelling to Switzerland.
Phone number for breakdown service: 140
Phone number for ambulance service: 144
Police emergency telephone number: 117
The alcohol limit is strictly adhered to and tests are common; 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood or 0.5 grams/litre or 0.05%.
Uphill traffic has right of way on narrower mountain roads and buses, police, ambulance and fire engines have right of way at all times.Switch off your engine on railway crossings and at traffic lights to comply with Swiss pollution regulations.

If using the Autobahn you will need a sticker, the Autobahn vignette that costs 40 Swiss Francs, even for only a short length of time. Attach the sticker to a non-removable part of your motorbike.Other than that you just need your usual common sense and adherence to speed limits and that should ensure you have no major issues and you can focus on enjoying the chocolate box scenery, the view over the lakes, the scent of the pine forests and most off all, those glorious mountains and hillside meadows.