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Essential Items for a European Breakdown

Nobody wants their car to suffer a breakdown, least of all when travelling around Europe, but unfortunately these things sometimes happen. No matter how much you prepare an accident can occur at any time or an undetected fault cause problems and put a dent in your holiday plans.

European breakdown cover is vital to ensure your vehicle gets up and running as quickly and easily as possible. During the initial stages after breaking down there are a number of items which can make the process more comfortable.

Legal Requirements

Making all the necessary legal preparations will put you in a better position should a breakdown occur. Attaching headlamp beam adaptors and placing a GB sticker on the back are two legalities and there are many other items which will help in such a situation.

Reflective Gear

Reflective jackets or waistcoats are a legal requirement to be carried in vehicles in many European countries. Even in places where they are only recommended one is useful for safely accessing your boot on a busy road.

Reflective warning triangles are also a necessity in many nations and help warn other vehicles that your car has broken down. Breakdown Direct customers receive a 5% discount on reflective vests and other essentials at Drive-France.

First Aid Kit

Hopefully you’ll never have to open this but first aid kits are compulsory in Austria and Croatia, though one should be in your car all the time. It should be fully stocked with bandages, cleansing wipes, painkillers and much more to help deal with minor injuries.


Breathalysers are now legally compulsory to have in your vehicle when driving in France. This can help protect you from any blame. Check the driving laws of each country you intend to drive through and stock up to stay safe.

Helpful Equipment

There are plenty of other items it’s useful to have on board in the event of a breakdown which aren’t legal necessities.

Warm Clothing

Depending on the time of year, weather and location when you breakdown it could get pretty chilly quickly, especially if your heater breaks. Have a spare blanket or two in your boot all the time and extra clothing, notably if you’re travelling through deserted areas and during cold periods.


Having enough food and drink in your car is vital for long journeys, especially with young children in the back. Many breakdown response times can be quick but there still might be a wait before you get off the road and pass a shop. Even just a few packets of sweets can keep everyone going.


Books, travel games and more are essential for keeping children occupied during long road trips. They can prove a lifesaver if you breakdown as it helps keep them calm and their mind off what is going on, even if it’s just a short wait. All these items should make any unfortunate breakdown bearable.