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Tips for Cutting Costs on Your European Road Trip

Now we’re into the spring months, you might be looking ahead to your summer holiday plans and are considering a European road trip. Such holidays are a great idea if you’re looking to experience a variety of different sights and sounds. More to the point, it can be a much more affordable option when it comes to travel costs.

Instead of paying large amounts of money for flights you can simply travel from your home to your destination for a lot less. Better still, there are a few ways and means you can cut costs even more. Here’s a few to consider:

Avoid the Tolls

Many of the main roads on the European continent have toll sections on them, which despite their convenience can add up in terms of expense on those longer journeys. Plan your route in advance to avoid these toll sections and opt for the more scenic roads. The added benefit is you’re likely to see even more incredible views by traveling through the countryside.

Another easy alternative is to invest in a Satnav which you can program to avoid the toll roads.

Lighten the Load

It’s no secret that the heavier the load the less fuel efficient your car is. The simple solution is to be a little more conservative with your packing. Ask yourself whether or not you really need those extra t-shirts or shoes and only take what you will actually wear.

Check your Car

Giving your car a once over before you set off will not only make sure you and your passengers are safer but can improve your MPG. Check all of your fluid levels including oil, brake fluid and washer fluid and top these up if necessary. The condition of your tyres should be checked too; make sure they’re properly inflated to deal with your load and they’re in line with legal requirements.

Get Covered

Another tip is to make sure you’re properly covered should you breakdown abroad. If you don’t have the right policy in place you could face significant expenses in the recovery and repair of your vehicle. Furthermore, there’s the issue of having to tackle the language barrier when dealing with this in different nations.

So be sure to bear all of this in mind before setting off on your journey. You can save yourself even more money this way, which you can then put back into enjoying your holidays even more.