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The Advantages of Going Directly to a Breakdown Cover Provider over Price Comparison Sites

Any safe and responsible driver will understand the importance of having breakdown cover. Whether you are driving in the UK or planning to drive abroad in Europe, the cost of getting yourself covered not only provides you with protection, but also peace of mind when driving. So where is the best place to find this cover?

It’s a slight misconception that price comparison websites are the best way to find breakdown cover. Yes, many people use them and they are many in number, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best deal. If you are in the market for breakdown cover then there is the option of going directly to a provider, rather than going through price comparison sites. What follows are some of the advantages of this:

Dedicated Expertise

First and foremost, with this approach you are communicating directly with a company that specialises in breakdown cover. More importantly, they should be dedicated to providing you with all of the information you need to be fully informed about your policy, rather than a simple series of filters that you may get from price comparison sites that don’t always offer you full detail. A reliable policy provider will tell you what exactly your cover involves, as well as explaining how important it is and why you need this protection.

Up-front and Honest

Recent investigations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have revealed that some price comparison sites were failing to provide the full amount of information to consumers. Important aspects such as the costs of the excess on some policies were not made clear, while at the same time, a number of these sites provide sponsored policies rather than the most cost-effective. If you choose to go direct you won’t have any of these issues and companies will be honest and up-front about what your expenses are, giving you a comprehensive breakdown of the price and your cover – which is hugely important if you were to breakdown abroad.

Data Protection

With price comparison sites you can be asked to enter personal details which can be stored on their database and remain there, even if you do not find a deal. By going direct, you have the advantage and peace of mind in knowing exactly who you are giving your personal information to.

So, if you are looking for breakdown cover, don’t get suckered into the price comparison pitfalls, do a little more research and go direct for the best deals and savings.

The UK’s Best Winter Driving Routes

During the winter months you often hear news stories about how treacherous driving can be. To an extent this is understandable as it is very important to drive safely and with appropriate Breakdown Cover in the colder and more unpredictable weather. Unfortunately, what often gets ignored is that there are some stunning winter drives out there in the UK.

The UK has some incredible scenery that is often made even more striking by frosts and fresh snow fall, the beauty is, to experience them, all you need to do is buckle up and set off on your travels. If this sounds like something right up your street but you need some ideas, what follows are some of the UK’s best winter driving routes.


This area is perhaps more famous for its walks than its driving routes, but the few roads in this particular part of Wales can offer you some magnificent views. The rolling mountainsides showcase a range of greens, browns and whites as the landscapes merge with the snowy weather. As well as this, the snaking routes will take you through some quiet but welcoming Welsh villages on the way. Best of all, you also get a great view of Britain’s highest peak, Mount Snowdon.

The Scottish Highlands

For those in the far north of the UK, the Scottish Highlands are another place that only has a small number of roads, but can still offer incredible scenery. One particular stretch referred to as the Bealach Na Bà otherwise known as the ‘Pass of the Cattle’, takes you across the Scottish hillsides to the Applecross peninsula in the west. The road itself is very narrow but along the way you’ll see a backdrop of seemingly endless beauty, as the highlands unveil themselves to you wearing a blanket of snow.

Lincolnshire Wolds

The roads in this part of the country are more commonly known for being some of the straightest and supposedly dullest in the UK. However, a 14 mile route between Horncastle and Louth couldn’t be further from this. You get the initial benefit of a relatively quiet route, but what really makes this special is the Wolds themselves which feature amazing natural beauty and winter wildlife.

Yorkshire Moors

The vast size of the Yorkshire moors means they have a number of different routes you could take. One road from the small town of Pickering up to Whitby cuts right through the centre of the moors meaning you get the best views of the Moors National Park. Furthermore, the higher altitude and lack of pollution mean that you could catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights if driving at night.