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Winter Driving: Are You Prepared for It?

As the winter months roll around, the temperatures drop, the nights get longer and the driving conditions we face invariably become more unpredictable and hazardous. What makes this worse is that in our busy lives many of us can be guilty of neglecting to find the time to get properly prepared and ready for the seasonal changes, which can be quite dangerous. Some of us simply don’t know where to start when it comes to preparing our car for winter.

You’ll be pleased to know that it really isn’t that difficult, and you don’t need to be a car expert to get your vehicle ready for winter. What follows are some of the preparations you can carry out to keep you and your passengers safe:

Kitting Yourself Out with the Right Gear

To combat the changeable weather and the winter wear and tear there are items you need to have in your car. These include:

-          Road-side safety kit
-          Hi-vis jackets and extra warm coats and blankets
-          Foot-pump
-          Spare light kits
-          Tool kits
-          Jacking equipment
-          Snow shovel and de-icing equipment
-          Spare tyre (not space saving)
-          Extra washer fluid (with anti-freeze)

By having these items in your car, you can keep yourself protected in case of sudden and unexpected weather changes, as well as having the gear you need to keep you safe and warm should you become stranded close at hand.

Adapting Your Driving

It’s not all about the equipment though; there’s the physical act of driving. We all know we should drive appropriate to the conditions, and this couldn’t be more fitting when it comes to winter. Take your time, be more conscientious and keep your revs down when setting off in freezing temperatures to minimise skid risks. Equally, before you set off you should ensure all of your lights are working, your visibility is clear (no ice or mist) and your tyres have a sufficient amount of tread on them, so you don’t become a danger to other drivers.

Getting Yourself Covered

Along with the above, you should invest in some comprehensive breakdown cover, particularly if you are planning on driving abroad over winter. While you may have the right gear in your car, the last thing you want is to be waiting at the side of the road in the cold and dark without the security of somebody coming to get you and your stranded vehicle. For a relatively minor expense you can provide yourself with priceless peace of mind this winter.