Monthly Archives: September 2014

Former Service Personnel to Complete 8,000 Mile Charity Road Trip across Europe

It all started with a Facebook conversation between two friends brainstorming ways in which they could raise money for their chosen charities. From here, the idea has now grown and grown and has led to an exciting and charitable reality. When Lance Corporal Paul Newland and former Wren Fiona Laing thought up the idea of the “Race for Freedom”, an 8,000 mile trip across Europe for charity, they never imagined just how incredible the support they received in response would be.  Continue reading

The Driverless Car – An Exciting Concept!

Although to many of us the idea of an autonomous car may still seem like an extremely futuristic idea, we seem to be seeing driverless cars more and more often in the headlines of late. If you’re a technology fanatic then you will no doubt already be aware that the Government have made announcements that we will be seeing the driverless car on the UK’s roads by as early as January of 2015. Continue reading