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European Road Trip Essentials

Whether you’re planning a visit to German castles, journeying to French museums, stopping at Italian wineries or embarking on a full-blown Eastern European adventure, planning a road trip to the Continent takes a lot of preparation. Some people might be put off by all the planning a road trip requires, but here at Breakdown Direct we see cars as the perfect vehicle to discovery and freedom. Travelling by car means that you can see much more of a country than you would on a conventional holiday, and it’s often much more economical than travelling by public transport, planes and ferries. If you want to see for yourself, we’ve put together some tips to help you prepare. Here are five key things that we wouldn’t go on a road trip without. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to European Breakdown Cover

As a motorist, you’ll be fully aware of all the on-going costs you need to fork out to keep your car on the road, from fuel to tax, servicing to MOTs to insurance. We know that these costs have a nasty little habit of mounting up. It can be tempting to think of breakdown cover as just another inflated expense – one which can, conveniently, be skipped. But the truth is, it’s one of the essentials, however onerous you find forking out for it. No matter what car you have, or how well you look after it, you can never guarantee that your vehicle won’t breakdown. Continue reading